Singing and pyrotechnics at the Besiktas fan march in Dortmund

At the start of the fan march, the wall between Stadtgarten and Ruhrallee was closed. © Kevin Kindel

Around 250 soccer fans from Besiktas Istanbul walked through Dortmund on Tuesday, singing and drumming. The police were prepared for a much larger rush.

The police have been prepared for a lot in advance: After several thousand fans of Ajax Amsterdam had roamed Dortmund a month earlier and partially ignited pyrotechnics, they have also prepared for a large-scale operation despite the now significantly lower number of spectators.

Around 250 Besiktas fans on Friedensplatz

Due to the current Corona situation, only 15,000 people were allowed into the stadium on Tuesday (December 7th) – and only a few came to the specially set up fan meeting on Friedensplatz. Around 250 supporters from Besiktas Istanbul have gathered there. A food trolley and a drinks cart were ready, as were toilets.

In the afternoon, the police had already taken many of the 40 or so emergency vehicles from Friedensplatz. Although a few pyrotechnics were ignited on Tuesday, the situation was much more manageable than at the beginning of November when the Dutch played.

At around 6.15 p.m., the relatively small group ran to the stadium with some police escort. The Wall and Ruhrallee were temporarily closed for this, as was the B1, because the group could have thrown objects from the bridge onto them.

The police have recorded a total of twelve cases of ignited pyrotechnics. Seven suspects were identified, reports spokesman Peter Bandermann. In another case, pyrotechnics were verified during a pre-ignition check.


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