Simona Săndulescu, a well-known artist from Bucharest, was found dead after leaving a farewell message on Facebook

Simona Sandulescu posted, last night, at 01.29, a farewell message on Facebook, even while he was on the shore of Morii Lake in Bucharest.

“My dear friends who admire me artistically, I know I disappoint you! But life has become unbearable for me… Please forgive me!

My dear Edward Aurelian Bar, you know that I loved you beyond words! Now I enter Lacul Morii carrying the burden of unrequited love….My dear Cristina Deutsch, please pass them on!”, the woman wrote in the Facebook post.

Immediately, dozens of Simona’s friends started commenting on the post, while some called the single emergency number 112.

What the Police say

On August 6, at around 1:40 a.m., by calling 112, the General Directorate of Police of the Municipality of Bucharest – Section 20 was informed about the fact that, in a lake in Sector 6, there is a drowned person. Police officers from Section 20 and a crew of firefighters – divers went to the scene, who intervened to remove the person from the water.

At the same time, a medical team, following checks, found death.

The investigations are carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court and the Homicide Service – Suspicious Deaths and Culpable Homicide Bureau in order to establish the causes and conditions in which the death occurred.

The lifeless body was transported to the INML for necropsy.

She was on alert on Morii Lake in Bucharest, after a farewell message on Facebook

For several hours, Simona Săndulescu’s friends asked each other if what the woman wrote on Facebook was true, and in the end, the answer shocked them all.

“Dear ones, I spoke with a gentleman who called me on the messenger phone and confirmed her death. He was there last night and lifted her body from the lake, unfortunately the team arrived when she was already dead! He left his the phone on the pier, we were calling her in vain… She left it on the pier and jumped over the railing. Two young men who were on the pier saw the whole scene.. They called the police, but she jumped over the railing. The body is deposited at IML.

Anyone who wants more details can call police station 20. The phone is with her mother… I don’t know any more! I am affected by this terrible news! I can not believe!! Let’s pray for her soul, hard tried!!”, commented Mioara-Mira Voicu on Simona Săndulescu’s post.

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Who was Simona Săndulescu

right, Simona Săndulescu was a lyrical artist and instrumentalist within the Romanian Broadcasting Society. He worked as an organist in the concerts of the National Radio Orchestra, the Radio Chamber Orchestra, the Radio Academic Choir and the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra. As a soloist organist, he gave recitals at the Radio Hall, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the National University of Music, the Italian Church, the French Church, and also in the country. He participated as an organist in the “George Enescu” Festival (2013 edition) and in the RadiRo Festival (2014 edition). His activity is also rich in the field of chamber music, supporting numerous chamber recitals with renowned artists.

Simona Săndulescu is a Doctor of Music since 2010. She obtained this title thanks to the elaboration of her doctoral thesis with the title “Illustrating the synthesis between old and new in the Romanian organ creation of the second half of the 20th century”. Through this thesis, he brought to light novel and little-known Romanian organ creations by some important Romanian composers: Sigismund Toduță (made the first recording of the Seven Christmas Chorals), Alfred Mendelssohn, Myriam Marbé, Hans Peter Tűrk, Anatol Vieru (a performed the first interpretation of “Elegy” for saxophone and organ), Carmen Petra-Basacopol, Şerban Nichifor, Ede Terenyi, Dan Dediu.

Among his achievements as an organist, his contribution to the creation of the “Oremus” CD is significant, a CD that contains valuable works of sacred music performed by the Radio Choir conducted by maestro Dan Mihai Goia.

Over time, Simona Săndulescu made numerous recordings within the Romanian Broadcasting Society.

Simona Săndulescu was also organist at the French Church “Sacré Coeur” in Bucharest.


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