Simeone receives the best news at Atlético de Madrid, direct to eleven against Espanyol

Atlético de Madrid is not usually a good friend of national team breaks. Used to losing players due to injuries or, as will be the case, not being able to count on the South Americans for the next matchday of La Liga Santander, Diego Pablo Simeone good news has now been found. And it comes from Belgium.

Roberto Martínez has released Yannick Carrasco, who will return to Madrid early and he will be able to train under Simeone from this Wednesday. The winger will not have to play the next game against Belarus of that same day, like Witsel and Courtois, who have also been released by their selection.

Belgium beat Estonia (2-5) last Thursday and also won comfortably on Sunday at home against the Czech Republic (3-0). With three games remaining to finish their qualifying phase, they lead their group with 13 points, while second-placed Czech Republic has 7 points. A situation that allows Roberto Martínez to dispense with several important players for the duel against Belarus, which could already give him the mathematical classification for Qatar.

Carrasco points to the eleven of Atlético de Madrid

The Belgian is one of the fixed in Simeone’s schemes. The coach, even so, usually does some rotations after the national team breaks, prioritizing the ownership of players who stay in Madrid working for two weeks. It does not look like this is going to be the case, as Carrasco will arrive in good physical shape and prepared to start Sunday against Espanyol, subtracting options from a Renan Lodi who has not left with his Brazilian team by staying out of the summons.

Carrasco, in an Atlético de Madrid match (Photo: LaLiga).


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