Silver for Marlies Hörler at the Swiss Championship

Marlies Hörler, managing director of rosa braun by Blumen hilfti in Wil, won the silver medal with top creations at the Swiss championship in Locarno. We congratulate!

Marlies Hörler from Teufen runs the rose-brown flower shop at Wiler Stadtweier. In June, she was the only woman from Eastern Switzerland to qualify for the finals at the anniversary Swiss championship in Locarno at the competition held at the general meeting of the industry association in Zurich. The six finalists competed there on August 27, 2021 in the semi-finals and then in the final. Marlies Hörler made it into the top three and won the silver medal. We talked to her about it in the enchanting ambience of the rosa braun shop in Wil.

“Role model for the learners”

How does such a competition work?
Marlies Hörler: “The Swiss championship will be held in a ‘battle format’. That means, as participants, we received a topic five minutes before the start, a so-called mood board, as well as flowers and material. Then we had 30 minutes in the final to review the work With constant time pressure, good imagination, creativity and manual skills were required. “

Weren’t you nervous?
“Yes, yes. The tension was high. On the one hand, you were in competition with your two competitors and, on the other hand, every hand movement was followed by the audience – florists with great expertise and sponsors – and by those interested in the livestream During competitions, I was helped by the support of Martina Geisser, the managing director of Blumen Nutzi in Oberuzwil, who accompanied and coached me to Locarno.

What was rated?
“The work was judged by a professional audience. Three criteria apply in the florists’ battle: a) technique and degree of difficulty, b) fulfillment of the order (topic hit) and c) overall impression.”

Was there anything to win too?
“Yes, I am very satisfied. In addition to the silver medal, I received an iPad and 1000 francs in cash. That is very generous.”

But not the main reason for participating, is it?
“No, of course not. I wanted to have a new experience and after the success in qualifying in Zurich I was looking forward to the ‘battle’ among the six best florists in Switzerland. The final in Ticino was a lot of fun and I was able to win with my silver medal I am also a role model for our apprentices in Wil and Oberuzwil. “

And how is business going?
“Great! After the summer holidays, business has picked up again. Both cut and dried flowers are in great demand. Customers are certainly also feeling our motivation and our ability.”


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