Signs of imminent invasion of Russia and Ukraine… Western anti-tank weapons gather, but NATO is fragmented

Members of the Ukrainian Army Volunteer Militia ‘Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force’ train in a park in the capital Kiev on the 22nd. Kiev = AP Yonhap News

The situation became even more tense after the US-Russian chiefs of diplomacy meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on the 21st (local time) ended without tangible results, amid fears that Russia might invade Ukraine. There are also reports that the US is considering an evacuation order for the family of a diplomat staying in Ukraine. In the midst of an immediate crisis, a stark temperature difference is detected between Russia and the West. Russia seems firm that it will not back down until it achieves desired results, such as Ukraine’s failure to join NATO, while the Western power, which has ignited the ‘war theory’, seems to have fallen into self-determination. At this rate, there are predictions that the West could be at a standstill if an actual invasion took place.

The U.S. embassy in Ukraine said on the 22nd that ammunition and other supplies sent to Ukraine had arrived the night before. Anti-tank missiles that the three Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) have approved for export by the US State Department are also expected to arrive in Ukraine soon. The British government also announced on the 17th that it would send weapons and “a small number of British personnel” to the country.

Arms sent by the United States arrive at Boryspil International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine on the 22nd, and workers are unloading it. Kiev = Reuters

However, the idea of ​​Germany, which is one of NATO’s forces, is complicated. He is burdened with confrontation with Russia and gives the impression of being useless for defense of Ukraine. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said in an interview with Welt am Sontak released the previous day, “Germany will invest 5.3 million euros to support field hospitals in Ukraine next month.” said. German Foreign Minister Anna Lena Baerbok also said in an interview with Suddeutsche Zeitung that “in reality, I do not think that delivery (arms) will help maintain the military balance,” Reuters reported.

In the end, German Naval Chief of Naval Chief of Staff Kaiachim Schönbach (Navy Admiral) even insisted that ‘Putin should be respected’, but resigned after being criticized by public opinion. According to Reuters and the Indian daily Times of India, Schönbach said at a conference held in New Delhi the day before, “It doesn’t cost much to give President Putin a little respect,” and “He is definitely worthy of respect.” passed on He also dismissed the Western observation that Russia was preparing for an invasion as “nonsense”, and argued that “Ukraine will never get[Crimea]back” about Crimea, which Russia annexed by force in 2014. did.

Germany’s Naval Chief of Staff Kaiaquim Schönbach (right) shakes hands with German Defense Minister Christine Lembrecht on December 17, last year. AFP Yonhap News file photo

There are also concrete predictions that the start of the war is imminent. Reports emerged that the United States was trying to withdraw its citizens from Ukraine. U.S. Fox News and CNN reported on the same day that the U.S. embassy in Ukraine asked the State Department to approve the departure of non-essential employees and their families, citing a source on the same day, and the State Department also ordered evacuation from the 24th. “Even if the situation worsens, American citizens should not expect that there will be an evacuation assisted by the U.S. government,” AFP said, citing a State Department official who requested anonymity. “I have nothing to announce,” he added.

Russia is holding a ‘flower festival’ in the division of the West. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has accepted an offer from British Defense Secretary Ben Wallis to hold a meeting to discuss the situation in Ukraine, AFP reported. It is also pointed out that Russia is already attempting to establish a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine. In a press release, the British Foreign Ministry named former Ukrainian parliamentarian Yevgen Murayev as a potential leader, saying, “Russian intelligence agencies maintain relations with a number of former Ukrainian politicians.” However, former lawmaker Murayev told the Guardian, a British daily, that he was “a person who had already been rejected by Russia” and that “the British Foreign Ministry seems to be confused.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (left) informs then US President George W. Bush (center) that Russia has attacked Georgia during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, August 8, 2008. Reuters file photo

Chinese President Xi Jinping may have asked Russia to refrain from an invasion of Ukraine during the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will start on the 4th of next month, reports have emerged. According to Bloomberg News, based on the unnamed remarks of a Chinese diplomat, “President Putin must consider the interests of his partners and will try to act as prudently as possible.” also reported together. The Chinese embassy in Russia immediately responded to Bloomberg News as “fake news and a provocation”. Earlier, on August 8, 2008, on the day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympics, Russia clashed with Georgian forces using the South Ossetia issue as an excuse.

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