‘Siam Commercial’ penetrates the secret to selling well at famous restaurants like Honmono Sushi and Kapong Delivery

In the situation of COVID-19 is spreading Entrepreneurs are inevitably affected. Especially restaurant businesses that are directly affected by the inability of customers to sit and eat at the restaurant like normal situations. which is contrary to the nature of the business that in addition to selling the taste and quality of food It also sells the atmosphere to customers who come to use the service. In this situation, restaurant operators need to find a solution and adapt quickly to create a way to survive for the business.

Mrs. Pikul Srimahan Senior Executive Vice President Chief Executive Officer of SME Business Group Siam Commercial Bank said that although restaurant operators can pass the test from the epidemic of COVID-19 in the first wave a year ago But it doesn’t guarantee that the previous adjustments will be enough to take the business through the more challenging challenges this year or not. Due to the severe and widespread epidemic situation, measures to control the epidemic are strict, varying according to the severity of the epidemic in each area. It is difficult to predict when the situation will return to normal. As a result, consumer behavior has changed dramatically, unable to come to the store as usual. More food must be ordered through delivery or online. Restaurants have to adapt hard to reach their target customers in new markets, many of which are not yet skilled or knowledgeable enough to compete for restaurant survival.
Therefore, the Bank focuses on educating entrepreneurs to help them recover from the crisis and turn back to have good sales again by selling through online or delivery more. Chef Buntham Phak Pho Iron Chef Champion, owner of Honmono Sushi andMr. Chonwit Triloka The owner of Kapong Restaurant, Kapong Delivery, came to talk about adaptation techniques during the COVID-19 situation at the seminar “Opening Secret Recipes, Adjusting Food Business Strategies to Survive” recently organized by Siam Commercial Bank. 2 is an example of a business that has successfully adapted through the crisis.

Chef Buntham Phak Pho Iron Chef Champion and Honmono Sushi Owner Says the COVID-19 Pandemic Forcing the traditional restaurant business to accelerate adaptation in order to survive Therefore, it is recommended that restaurant operators should not take a break and hope to wait for the situation to improve and then return to open normal stores. It is difficult to predict how long we will have to live with this kind of situation. Honmono Sushi itself, during the first wave of the outbreak in 2020, was severely affected. Because the business has revenue from the store as the main channel. There was also no delivery, which was a challenge for the business at that time. These factors prompted businesses to immediately begin to adapt and change their way of doing business. Thus, we can cope with the next wave of outbreaks very well. There are three main tips that I would like to share:

1) Instantly jump into the online market The main channel for businesses to have sales during the COVID-19 pandemic is social media platforms. Although at first the response was not as expected. But when you learn and use this opportunity to talk to customers, you can see your strengths more clearly.
until able to understand and respond to the needs of customers effectively It is also a permanent sales channel for our business.

2) Create a gimmick in sales with new ideas Jumping into the online sales channel, we found an interesting sales model. Create new ideas that can be used to create tricks to make our sales more fun, such as live broadcasting food sales. Bidding for raw materials and teach you how to cook Which has received a good response from customers. There are more customers to follow. As a result, the business has continued sales.

and 3) Adjust the roles and duties of employees to suit the new business model. When the business model has to change from the original causing employees to learn new duties We allow employees to rotate their roles such as acting as admin, answering customer questions online and over the phone. duty of cooking Duty to deliver food to customers In this section, the staff will train themselves to know our restaurant, know the food menu, raw materials, and know the customers well.

While traditional businesses are trying to speed up their adaptation to escape this crisis. If there are still people who are directly affected by the COVID-19 poisoning who has not given up until able to create a new food business in the era of Covid-19 Successfully, for example, Kapong Kapong Delivery

Mr. Chonwit Triloka Kapong Delivery’s owner, Kapong Delivery, said he had previously had several businesses that had to close because they couldn’t resist the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, but was trying to find a new way to survive immediately. by taking the experience from the old business as a lesson Both about to bear the cost of the storefront or paying high GP fees to delivery agents Adapt to problems and solve the game by doing a new business without a storefront, having Cloud Kitchen and mainly focusing on delivering delivery by yourself. including a market survey that found Deep-fried sea bass with fish sauce is a popular dish. But there is still a lack of players in the delivery market, so decided to start a Kapong Delivery shop business in January 2021, which is during the Covid-19 period. continually spreading But the business is still strong with sales coming in all the time. There are 3 secrets that make a business successful:

1) Look for gaps in the market and fill them with our products. It is important that the business is adapted and constantly surveyed the market to meet the needs of the customers. For example, they sell fried sea bass with fish sauce as well but only sell half. Added options for customers to choose from 2 flavors from 10 flavors in one. The promotion is a family meal set. In addition, the store’s online channel is also important for customers to decide when to buy food. Therefore, the restaurant pays attention to menu images and unusual menu naming.

2) Bring yourself closer to your customers. With food delivery, it’s important to be close to your customers. because there is a delivery fee according to distance Therefore, businesses focus on investing in Cloud Kitchen, which has a low cost. To make the food delivery point of the restaurant closer to the customer
As a result, shipping costs are cheap, which is a factor that makes it easier for customers to decide to order food. By having its own delivery, the shop can control the delivery and solve problems for customers in a timely manner. or join the Robin Hood Food Delivery platform Without collecting GP fees, it helps the shop to earn fair income.

3) Build your brand with the power of words. or word of mouth It is very powerful in selling products because of its credibility and the real customer experience. The power of word of mouth can happen when a restaurant impresses its customers. leading to sharing good feelings So we always have to think about how to make food look appetizing when it gets to our customers and encourage customers to take photos on social media to share their good experiences with their acquaintances.

Adapting and trying new things It may be difficult and unsuccessful the first time. But falling and getting up is a valuable learning for the restaurant business to develop itself and help our business survive this crisis and move forward more steadily. SMEs can follow business tips information. and seminar activities that will be useful for businesses from Siam Commercial Bank and allies in both the public and private sectors throughout the year. through the website www.scbsme.scb.co.th Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/scbsme/ or
Contact for business information via SCB SME Business Call Center at 02 7222222

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