Showtime! Levski has its own football artist again

Until recently, the presence of a foreign player in Levski was often associated with the words “fake”, “transfer shoot”, etc. Many have been scalded by those of Gerena and will still pay for their mistakes.

A step in the right direction seems to have been made this winter, when again betting mainly on foreigners, but this time an idea of ​​better quality.

After playing a few games in the spring, hand in hand with the rise of Levski itself, the Brazilian Welton left an excellent impression with his performances. The club has been waging a transfer battle for the signing of the offensive player for a long time, and a few weeks later it can be said that this whole fight was worth it.

Murray fired a second legionnaire

Cordoba is impressive

Chimbinya, as the Latin American is called, is gradually gaining an increasingly important role in Stoilov’s selection. And if this is just the beginning, imagine what Welton will mean for Levski when his process of adapting to Bulgarian football is fully completed.

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№17 gives the required sharpness on the flank. The Centurions have an attacking footballer whose goal is not just to reach the outline and center aimlessly. Welton is much more than this technician, who at first reading makes the minutes difficult for the rival defenders. Unlike most of his compatriots, his involvement with a ball in his foot is within acceptable limits. He is often looking for a combination with his teammate, and his entry into the field gives enough space for the Tsunami.

It is the good communication between the two that makes the left zone of Levski the priority to attack. But not everything is an attack. For now, Welton also likes the fact that he is quite hard-working in defense, often “chasing” his opponents to the end, albeit at the cost of a foul or card.

There is nothing to talk about his speed technique. Ivan Turitsov from CSKA and Stoycho Atanasov from Loko (Sofia) were already “in trouble” against Chimbinya, forcing their coaches to think of options with rotations and additional security, just to stop his successful breakthroughs.

Cordoba: I'm in good shape

Cordoba: I’m in good shape

“I am very happy”

And if Welton’s good form, combined with Tsunami’s, is an encouraging fact, then Levski’s right flank is problematic. Recently, he has a very peripheral role in the game plan of the grand. Dragan Mihajlovic is not at his usual level, and his involvement in the attack is very limited. Georgi Milanov is still gaining playing practice, and Marin Petkov is more willing to “consume” the created situations than to harass the enemy defense like Welton.

The indisputable titular status of №17 also means long moments on the bench for Zdravko Dimitrov. Apparently, they both have this “X-factor” to be more noticeable and stand out on the wing, but the Bulgarian can never enter the track of a series of strong meetings to restore confidence in him. However, the competition with a player like Welton can be encouraging for his “dead” career in the team. And hopefully, because there are few native wings like him, able to easily win individual competition with a rival.

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Levski’s coaching staff seems happy with Welton’s current role, but Stoilov also knows that the Brazilian could be the secret “cure” for the club’s attack. Personally, I would not be surprised if Bilal Barry soon gave up the role of №9, namely Chimbinya. In the minutes he played in this position against CSKA, the hero of this comment demonstrated that he can be a big enough irritant for the defense. His excellent ability to guard the ball with his back to the door could leave a lot of empty space for his colleagues in attack. The speed dribble and the quality finishing blow are also on his side. And she is no stranger to him, because last season he scored a lot of goals for Botafogo PB, being right at the top of the offensive trident.

Mihailov is the 15th goalkeeper in the history of Levski, who reaches a double-digit number of dry nets

Mihailov is the 15th goalkeeper in the history of Levski, who reaches a double-digit number of dry nets

Within one season

But if everything was so wonderful for Welton, he would not come from the third Brazilian division or play for Levski. It is obvious that upgrading its qualities will require a lot of work. Typically for a South American footballer, Chimbinya often “excludes” for a certain period of the match, completely forgetting about tactics and playing behavior. Sometimes he approaches with excessive self-confidence, which was evident from his nightmarish pass in the last minute against Lokomotiv (Sofia). Hopefully, like most Brazilians in Bulgaria, his head will not be quickly turned by promises of a transfer to a better championship.

Discipline off the field must also be at the level, because Hean Desa also had special qualities, but ….

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Levski performed another component to restore its football greatness in our country. When the Blues were a factor, there was always a “football artist” on the wing. A technician to get the audience on their feet, making them dream of victories, spectacle and trophies. Such were Iskrenov, Sasho Alexandrov, Telkiyski, Yovov, Joazinho … I hope Welton soon added his name to this “blue” constellation.

Batkov: Murray is the best coach, I feel guilty that I removed him years ago

Batkov: Murray is the best coach, I feel guilty that I removed him years ago

“Are Beroe and CSKA Bulgarian teams?”


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