Show us your fortography videos for Fortnite: Nightmares!

If you are already a fortography veteran, we have a new challenge for you. And if you’re new to it, this is your chance to become the next star of fortography. And yes, as the title suggests, this time we don’t ask for screenshots, but for videos!

What kind of videos do we want from you guys? Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 have just started and we want to celebrate this with you. So send us your videos on Halloween. Your video can tell a story or just be beautiful to look at. It may even be one that you’ve already done! We’ll be sharing some of our favorite videos with you in a blog post in November.

This is how you submit your video

You can send us your video or videos in the following ways:

  • Upload your content as a YouTube video and post the video on Twitter under the hashtag #VideoFortography.

  • Upload your content as a YouTube video and post the video r/FortNiteBR with the flair “Video Fortography”.

The deadline for submitting your video is this October 15, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. CEST.

Fortnite Fortography Rules: Nightmares

  • Videos should not include Epic usernames.

  • Videos must adhere to Epic’s content guidelines.

  • All visible Fortnite content must originally come from the Fortnite universe (i.e. no third-party intellectual property).

  • The images shown as well as all music and sound effects may only be from the gameplay (without licensed music and sound noises) and / or from this folder with Fortnite music and sound effects. The music and the sound effects may only be edited in terms of length and volume. (Music and sound effects from other sources are not permitted.) Players can prevent the playback of licensed music and licensed sound effects by turning on “Always mute” in the settings.

  • As mentioned above, the videos must be Halloween themed. (Tip: It is best to use one of the presented cards / games / experiences from Fortnite: Nightmares for your video!)

  • Honor where honor is due! If you use a community creation (map / game / experience) for your video, you should address it (for example in the video description).

  • The videos can be a maximum of 90 seconds long.

  • A voiceover (commentary) is optional. (The voiceover must not come from a third party.)

  • No screen texts may be added.

  • If you are submitting your video on behalf of a team, please make sure that everyone in the team (editors, featured players, etc.) also agrees. Don’t submit a video if you don’t have permission!

Regardless of whether you have already participated in fortography events or whether this is your first time – we look forward to seeing you Videos to Fortnite: nightmares to see!


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