Shouts: Animals (Music Video)

Music video for “Animals”, the second single to be picked up from Cast of Cheers’ upcoming debut album “Family.” The video concept was based on about 16 VCR players and 16 TVs. Each band member was divided into four and each part was filmed with a song. So each member had four videos where he played a single and the camera was attached to another part of the body. This material was then recorded on DVD and then on VHS. The TVs were then stacked in 16 stacks and each connected to a VCR. Each VHS was placed in its respective player and rewound to the beginning. On that day, the band and the team all took care of the two video players. When the camera started rolling, everyone had a counter that pressed their VCRS to play at the right time. Because each VCR was different, some had different response times and playback times, so it all had to be considered. The chorus shots were made with Splitter because I wanted the chorus to be a little fresher visually than the verse. The splitter took one picture and was able to send it to all 16 or rather 15 TVs, as the lower right TV exploded in the first shots. All animal shots were available online at, which was handy. The Canon C300 camera was used for shooting. The video concept never fully demonstrated the capabilities of cameras, but one of the main benefits I felt was how it handled wires and devices that appeared under televisions and on the ground. When I shoot concerts or videos on 7D using the same Tokina 11-16mm lens, I sometimes find that if the image has thin wires or borders, they can pixelate and seem to move. The C300 analyzed it immediately. Another great advantage of the camera is its captured color. It was filmed in Cine 2 mode and I was so pleased with the colors and clarity that the whole video is basically unclassified. The only lightweight shots are behind the TV guitar and TV sections. Everything else is displayed in the camera. This made editing very smooth and enjoyable. It also fit in nicely with the whole video concept, which was to make us a seemingly technically flawed format, such as VHS. I have no doubt that there are people who know the aftermath and various other programs that could have effectively forged this video and made it without using a single VCR. However, my intention was to film everything in reality so that, after the posts were made, there was basically nothing to do but order the shots. Director / Editor: Babysweet Producer: Dan Matthews Technical Director: Daniel Perry Stage Directors: Daniel Perry and Hannah Vincent DOP: Gregg Houston DOP Assistants: Eliot Bushnell and Jason Hawthorne Assistant Director: Eliot Bushnell Stage Assistant: Matt Livingstone Runners: Ken Plas and Hannah For more films, visit For more information, visit


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