Shooting in Piazza del Monte, five injured: watch the video

REGGIO EMILIA – Shooting in the center of Piazza del Monte. Around 11 pm some gunshots were fired in the heart of Reggio and the Via Emilia. Five people were injured and were taken to hospital. Carabinieri, state police and municipal police arrived on the scene. It seems that everything was born from a quarrel between boys: the weapon used is of small caliber.

In the video we post below we see a boy who, suddenly, opens fire on another group of boys running. One falls to the ground and then gets up. From what we learn, the injured, all very young, between 17 and 20 years old, are not in serious condition, apart from one who is in a reserved prognosis but is not in danger of life. The police then tracked down the young man who shot and who, at first, managed to escape.

On the spot also the mayor Luca Vecchi who said: “It is a very serious fact that cannot happen in our city. I hope that those responsible will be identified as soon as possible and severely punished, because events like this must not happen and must necessarily be cut short “.

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