Shooting classic on the one hand, ‘Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute’ released on the 30th

Materials provided – H2 Interactive

H2 Interactive is a Nintendo Switch general (consumer price: 43,000 won) and special edition of ‘COTTON GUARDIAN FORCE SATURN TRIBUTE’, which contains three shooting games developed by Success and published by City Connection in one package. (Consumer price 75,000 won) will be officially released on September 30, and reservation sales will start from today (September 17).

‘Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute’ contains three works, ‘Cotton 2’, ‘Cotton Boomerang’ and ‘Guardian Force’, and each title will be sold individually through the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Nintendo Online Store. Is expected.

‘Cotton 2’ is a magical girl shooting game that uses a shot or attribute magic that changes through command input like a fighting game. ‘Guardian Force’ is a multidirectional forced scrolling shooting game that can attack 360 degrees by rotating the turret.

All three titles were released as arcade games and Sega Saturn, a series of shooting games that were very popular. In this Saturn Tribute, Korean is supported in the game menu.

In Saturn Tribute, ‘quick save’ and ‘quick load’, which allows you to stop and restart the game at any time, ‘rewind’ to return to the previous situation for a certain amount of time, ‘slow’, which slows down the game and is recommended even for novice players It is equipped with various functions such as, and it is possible to compete for scores with other players through online rankings for all three titles.

In addition, the ‘Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute’ Nintendo Switch Special Edition includes reprinted instruction cards for the arcade versions of three titles, a special booklet with developer interviews, and a soundtrack CD for ‘Guardian Force’, the first soundtrack to be realized in the package. Illustrations newly drawn by the original designer of ‘Cotton 2’ are included as a double-sided cover specification for both the general and limited editions.

Reservation benefits for regular and special editions

– DOBE title holder

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Special Edition Composition

– Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Game Main (Double Cover)
– Developer interview and art book booklet
– Reprinted instruction card (6 types)
– Guardian Force Original Soundtrack
– Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Limited Box

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