Shocking: Neymar is in a miserable state and on the verge of alcoholism – Soccer World – France

Journalist Daniel Raiolo made a shocking analysis in the program “After Foot” of what is happening in PSG.

“PSG is no longer a team. There is no common bond that unites them. The coach does not seem to exist, the president has not said a word, everything is a total disaster and the bolts must be tightened by someone. Leonardo is gone, and so is Nasser al-Helaifi. Nothing, complete defeat. Neymar hardly trains anymore, he arrives in a miserable state, he is on the verge of alcoholism.

He is possessed by a spirit of revenge against PSG, there is a total rift between the club and the locker room. Fans are no longer even excited about Neymar’s performances. “They have to sign his check and part with him, because he only causes damage to the club,” the journalist said.


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