Shock accident in Pennsylvania: 17-year-old chopped to death by wood chipper

A real horror scenario now played out in the US state of Pennsylvania. A boy died a horribly agonizing death at the age of only 17. The reason: he was caught alive in a wood chipper.

17-year-old Isiah B. wanted to earn some extra money with a holiday job over the summer, so he worked for a tree removal company. The teenager came from the US state Pennsylvania but now died tragically and extremely cruelly. He was dragged into a wood chipper.

17-year-old dragged into wood chipper and dies horrific death

As “Daily Star” reports, the terrible thing happened on August 9th accident. Isiah from Coplay got his clothes caught in a wood chipper while working. As the police explained, he was pulled into the device and suffered “multiple traumatic injuries”. He was flown to a hospital immediately, but was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The official cause of death should now be examined by autopsy.

Brutal death after a wood chipper accident: Isiah B. would soon have graduated from school

At just 17, Isiah had his whole life ahead of him. He was said to have been a good student and would have graduated from the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute in a matter of weeks. To ensure he has a dignified funeral, a good friend of his is calling for donations to his parents via GoFundMe: “This accident has upset the community of Whitehall and beyond. His mother and stepfather, his father and stepmother, his Brothers and sisters and many other family members and friends have a long way to go in terms of expenses. I ask the community to help this family,” he writes.

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