“She has everything to be a comedy queen”

Cuban actor and comedian Alexis Valdes was amazed with the talent of Camila Cabello in his acting debut with the new version of Cinderella, a musical comedy that premiered last Friday on Prime Video.

The artist confessed that he had not planned to see the film, but that his partner, also the Cuban actress Claudia Valdes He convinced him and “took me a tremendous surprise.”

“Camila Cabello eats the screen. This girl has everything to be a Queen of Comedy,” Alexis wrote on her social networks next to the poster of the film.

Valdés, who has a broad career in acting, comedy, theater and directing, could not hide the pleasant surprise that he took with the comedic and acting skills of Cabello, who, although he had given some clues in his videos, his Presentations, some appearances on television shows and even in her interviews, until now they were really unknown: “Where did she learn all that she shows? Is it all instinct? Is it natural to her? Have you studied the greats of comedy musical?”

The popular comedian did not hide his joy and pride that, above all, Camila Cabello is a young Cuban, born in Cojímar.

“However he has achieved it … he has achieved it and more than enough. There he is in the movie. Charming. Naturalness. Voice. Movement. Grace. And well, that smile … And forgive the chauvinism, besides all that … it’s Cuban pussy! ! This girl is out of leagues. Bravo, “he celebrated.

“The film made me grow a lot as a person (…) The character of Cinderella inspired me. Before and after the film I think I changed a lot,” Cabello said in an interview on the premiere of the film, which brings a modern version of an enterprising and independent Cinderella who will not give up her dreams for anyone.

Cinderella is Cabello’s debut in the world of acting and musicals. Nicholas Galitzine will play the charming Prince Charming from the film, which also stars Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Billy Porter and James Corden.

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