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Obviously, Japanese cuisine has this name: Omakase.

Chinese food is Chinese food, and the Omakase is not nondescript… boring elementary school chicken no matter what you listen to, one result: play; more than just play!

The word Omakase comes from Japanese, yes. Meaning: Please, appoint it with full authority.

In the world of Banmae, Omakase is completely entrusted by customers to a trusted sushi chef, who is allowed to lead a journey of oral benefit, so that taste, vision, tongue and stomach bath in the hope of eating (strictly speaking, dry food is not enough , You also need to be accompanied by a proper drink.) The appointed chef will follow the best condition of the ingredients of the day and use personal experience to say to the guests: Please leave it to me.

The chef has a long history in Chinese cuisine, and there is no need to cite the scriptures to light up the cowhide lanterns. Brother Yongji, President Ruo Li, will also use a brush to respect the menu.

How to set up this Omakase at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kowloon, Shang Palace?

Friends last year returned to Hong Kong to visit relatives in Shanghai, where they settled and started their business, and encountered an epidemic. They thought they would stay in Hong Kong for one or two months before returning to Shanghai. Once they stayed in Hong Kong for more than 12 months, they relied on new technology, with colleagues in the Shanghai office and all over the world. Of clients use Zoom for meetings, which is quite feasible, and I am fortunate to meet with my parents from time to time to accompany them on their birthdays.

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I have been living in major hotels for a year. I miss my home and office in Shanghai. Before I decide to go back, I gather members of the Hong Kong Alumni Association who worked in Shanghai. After the relaxation of the 6pm limit, the four people will have a table together to order a Shang Palace dinner.

Michelin Star Chef Daniel Zhang Langran asked: Which dishes do you want to taste? Why don’t we get the dishes made by the chef? Both the host and the guest hit it off and handed over to Master Zhang to finalize the Chinese Omakase.

For the solemn event, the chef will explain the ingredients and cooking methods before each dish is served. Starting with five appetizers, two tables and eight people praised the tender and juicy scallops, and the crispy fried abalone was a pleasant surprise. The author is not a fan of belts and abalones. I can be touched and I am convinced that it is not trivial. One dish after another, until the dazzling array of dessert plates are on the table, a total of eight dishes, appetite satisfying, clapping and cheering is not a problem, the friends even surrounded the type, British, handsome, and Zhengzhang masters to check in, and enjoy it!

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