Shailaja teacher to look at acting as well; For the release of ‘Vellarikkappattanam’

The movie ‘Vellarikkappattanam’ produced by Mohan K Kurup and directed by newcomer Manish Kurup under the banner of Mangalassery Movies is getting ready for release. Former ministers KK Shailaja Teacher and VS Sunil Kumar will be making their silver screen debut in the film.

Director Manish Kurup said that the central theme of Vellarikapatnam is the story of survival that turns failures into life successes. The story of the film unfolds through farming and related activities. The film was shot in Vellayani, Alappuzha, Pathanapuram and Punalur.

The film stars Tony Sigimon, Janvi Baiju, Gauri Gopika, Biju Sopanam, Jayan Cherthala, MR Gopakumar, Kochupreman, Jayakumar, Adarsh ​​Chittar, Deepu Navaikkulam, Kavitha, Manju Punalur and Suraj Sajeev among others.


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