Sexual violence, 40-year-old raped in an elevator: a man stopped

“I’m sure the person shown to me is my attacker”. With these words ends the report of the 46-year-old raped in the elevator that connects the garage to her condominium. A sentence that comes at the end of a long analysis of the network of cameras between the residence and the Segrate station by the carabinieri, who carried out the arrest of Sara Hamza, a 32-year-old Libyan already known to the police with the alias of a 28 year old Moroccan.

According to what was reconstructed by the military of San Donato Milanese (Milan), on the evening of 21 December he attacked the woman by surprising her in the second basement of her garage, where the 46-year-old had just parked her car after greeting a friend with whom she had gone out. . “Once I entered, while I was pressing the piano key, I heard the door I had entered a short time before slam and immediately a boy appeared who hastily stopped between the elevator doors, blocking it”, the victim told the police.

Hamza hit her with a slap on the temple that dazed her, grabbed her and threatened her with death. “Shut up or I’ll kill you”, he told her as he tried to undress her. “He threatened me that I shouldn’t say anything and make me believe he knew me, saying that he had talked about me to the janitor,” continued the woman, who also handed her attacker the 35 euros she had in her wallet and her unlocked cell phone.

“I begged him over and over not to hurt me. I was petrified with fear. I thought I was going to die.” Hamza did not listen to her, he continued with violence for eight minutes, then he dressed and ran away leaving her in tears, free to return home to her husband. It was with him that he called the carabinieri, immediately providing a precise and detailed description, essential for identifying the person responsible.

I had never seen it before – he told the investigators – he was 1.75 tall, average build, he wore a hood and a surgical mask, dark eyes, I think of North African origin, I did not see him take up arms. “Before running away he also told her that he had to go to his girlfriend.

The investigations by the carabinieri of the San Donato company and the Scientific Investigations section of the Investigative Unit of Milan, made it possible to reconstruct his movements through the video surveillance systems, tracing the route from the Pioltello station (from which he took a train at 23:34 ) to that of Segrate (reached at 23:44) to the garage of the condominium (at 23:57), and then ends with its escape at 00:16.

Hamza would have several specific precedents and others for crimes against the person and in the arrest signed by the magistrates Letizia Mannella and Rosaria Stagnaro, we read that “the particular cruelty of sexual violence consumed with extreme coldness and speed they show a particularly dangerous personality without any control “.

Fundamental to the identification is his clothing, consisting of a hooded sweatshirt, a sleeveless down jacket, a baseball cap and a golden watch. The images were shown to the victim who without hesitation reiterated: “I am sure that the person shown to me is my attacker”.


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