Several basement shacks targeted by criminals / wanted witnesses

Darmstadt (ots) –

In the past few days, there have been several burglaries in Darmstadt.

According to current information, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sunday (21 August), previously unknown criminals broke into and searched ten basement shacks in an apartment building on Schwarzer Weg.

In addition, between Friday afternoon (19 August) and Saturday evening (20 August), criminals gained access to the basement rooms of an apartment building on Alicenstraße. Here they broke into several basement rooms, searched them and stole several items.

According to initial findings, the total damage amounts to several hundred euros. What the strangers were able to capture in their project must now be determined. Whether the crimes are related must be checked as part of the investigation.

Commissariat 43 in Darmstadt will receive information about the perpetrators on 06151 969-0.

Against this background, the police give tips on how to properly secure basement rooms and basement shacks:

– Always keep cellar doors closed. – If possible, do not keep valuables in the basement. – Secure your bikes in the basement with appropriate locks. – Provide the basement shed with a privacy screen from the inside. – Secure the door of your cellar shack from being levered out, for example with a slat screwed on top. – Secure basement windows with additional grilles or light shafts by anchoring the light shaft grating accordingly. – Be aware of strangers in the building (especially in larger apartment buildings) and on the property. Reach out to these people by offering to help them. – Inform the police (emergency number 110) if you find anything suspicious.

Original content from: Police Headquarters South Hesse, transmitted by news aktuell


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