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Sète: a great popular evening to celebrate the 100 years of Georges Brassens

by drbyos

Friday, October 22, from 7:15 p.m., a big free birthday party is organized for all Sétoises and all Sétois on the Roquerols boat.

It is with impatience that the mayor of Sète, François Commeinhes, and his deputy in charge of the Centenary Brassens, Jeanne Corporon, are now awaiting the date of Friday, October 22. The anniversary of the birth of the singer from Sète, 100 years ago. A joyful feeling that they have every intention of sharing with all the Sétoises and Sétois during a great popular celebration. Here is the detail.

THE show of the year at the Molière theater

François Morel was given carte blanche to create the show “Brassens a 100 ans” at the Molière theater in Sète. The performances on October 22 and 23 are full, ahead of those scheduled in Béziers and Montpellier. And it is in the greatest secrecy that the artists are currently working on it. Surprises are also planned. On stage and in the hall.

The event aspect of this creation has escaped no one. The show will also be broadcast live on France’s leading radio station, France Inter, on Friday 22, from 9 p.m., at the end of a day dedicated to Brassens on the air.

Music and cake for everyone at Roquerols

Then, a big birthday party (free) is also organized on Friday 22 October, on the Roquerols boat, which has already hosted a large part of the Centenary shows, meetings and conferences throughout the year. This “emblematic” place, recalled the mayor, will be open to everyone.

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And Morel’s show at the TMS will be broadcast live on a giant screen. “This show, the City is keen to offer it to as many people as possible. Together we will blow out the candles on the Brassens cake. This evening, we want it to be joyful and popular in the spirit that Georges Brassens would have liked. Sétois spirit, that of “Friends first”, rejoices François Commeinhes.

The program of this free evening

Meet on the Roquerols boat, quai du Maroc, in Sète, Friday, October 22, from 7:15 p.m., for a musical aperitif with Fred Karato, Les Enjoliveurs and their guests. Then at 9:05 pm, live broadcast on a giant screen (outdoors) of François Morel’s show “Brassens a 100 ans” which will be sold out at the Molière theater in Sète the same evening. Then at 10:30 p.m., birthday cake on the boat! The party will then continue with “Georges Box”, by JP Nataf and “Copper mustache” DJ set by Alexandre Flory.

The meetings continue!

The anniversary is an important moment, but it does not mark, far from it, the end of the Centenary. This Friday 22, thus begins a large edition of the festival “22 Vl’a Georges” (meeting place de la République at 9 pm for the opening concerts).

The day before, Thursday evening 21, France 3 will broadcast nationally a great variety show tribute to Brassens shot in Sète. With Biolay, Souchon, Bruni, Raphaël, Cabrel … “Like all the major events created this year, this will blow a breath of modernity and freshness that we so badly need and give a spotlight, once again, on our city and its very special identity, “welcomes the mayor.

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The Espace Brassens exhibition, that of Robert Combas at the Paul-VAléry Museum, that of the 1,000 women from Sète by Pierre Maraval, and the campaign of Brassens President are also continuing …

More than 250 shows

“Celebrating one of the best among us could not be limited to a single day. That is why we launched this commemoration program,” recalls François Commeinhes. A year ago, “we didn’t know where we were going to end up”. In the end, specifies Jeanne Corporon, “more than 250 shows” were offered. “It’s huge! When we go to take stock, press reviews, we will be impressed. We are inundated with calls, even from abroad. We do not measure the full scope.”

The anniversary being celebrated in Sète, but also on the territory of the agglopole, the mayor congratulating himself on a multifaceted cultural adventure, “centered on the freedom of expression, which was particularly dear to Georges Brassens”.

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