Servette Chênois only loses 1-0 at Chelsea

Chelsea were clearly superior from the start, but the Geneva women sniffed a surprise. It was only in the 67th minute that Sam Kerr scored the ultimate goal for the hosts after a brilliant pass from Fran Kirby.

Shortly before, Servette Chênois had twice the opening goal on the foot. First, Monica Mendes failed with the heel (65th), before Jade Boho Sayo also failed at the Chelsea keeper Zecira Musovic (67th). In return, it fell 0: 1.

Only in the final phase, when the guests lost their strength and Servette Chênois was outnumbered after the exclusion against Amandine Soulard, Chelsea got chances every minute.

Servette Chênois has the next chance of scoring the first goal and scoring the first point on December 8th, when it takes on Wolfsburg at home. The Germans lost to Juventus Turin 0-2.


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