Home entertainment Serious Allegations: Do Amazon Employees Have Access to Celebrity Accounts? | 11/26/21

Serious Allegations: Do Amazon Employees Have Access to Celebrity Accounts? | 11/26/21

by drbyos

• Employees have checked purchasing history for Kanye West and Avengers Stars

• Former information security chief reports the shocking state of the security systems

• Amazon denies the serious allegations

Employees have access to celebrity orders

Citing a report by Wired and Reveal, Business Insider explains how bad things have been in terms of internal data security at the US online mail order company Amazon in recent years. According to this, even employees with a low security level should be able to view the purchasing history of various customers – including that of celebrities. A former employee of the company, who wants to remain anonymous, reported how colleagues could see the shopping history of the famous musician Kanye West as well as those of unnamed Avengers stars. Such incidents should happen again and again. But not only celebrities are said to have been spied on. Other employees were observed to research the purchases of their ex-partners, reports futurezone, citing Wired.

Amazon’s sloppy data architecture

The report by Wired and Reveal, which is based primarily on interviews with former employees, memos and internal documents from the years 2015 to 2018, shows the careless data architecture of Amazon. Gary Gagnon, who was Vice President of Amazon’s Information Security Team in 2017, told Wired that Amazon’s security systems were “shocking” when he first took office. Everything was like “held together with tape and chewing gum,” Gagon told Wired, according to Business Insider.

Amazon spokesman rejects allegations

An Amazon spokesman from the US, however, denies that such cases should occur more often in the company, reports Business Insider. The statement also states that the company is investing in technological tools and is working on restricting access to precisely the data that is crucial for the fulfillment of an order. “We have strict guidelines for adequate access to customer data and require all customer service representatives to complete training and confirm compliance with these guidelines. We investigate and take appropriate action on all complaints about violations. We deny allegations that these privileges have been misused.” ‘Usual’, decidedly back. “, Business Insider quotes the statement. An Amazon spokesman also told Wired that the company has “invested billions of dollars over the years in building systems and processes to protect data,” and is constantly looking for ways to improve, according to Business Insider.

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