Series Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese legend (4/4): the evening of the record

He obviously marked it with his head, like the first, seventeen years earlier against Greece. He obviously celebrated it by jumping very high in the sky of the Algarve, his bare chest exposed to the admiration of the planet. On September 1, 2021, in Faro, Cristiano Ronaldo became the top scorer in the history of the selections against Ireland (2-1, 110th and 111th goals), undoubtedly the most stratospheric record of his career. The most symptomatic, too, of its evolution. As in the club, there was a first and a second Ronaldo in the national team. As in the club, the goal machine got carried away in the second decade of the century. And, as in a club, the great years of the fivefold Ballon d’Or are associated with the person officiating on the bench.


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