Serghei Mizil suffered an accident. “I could ask for compensation from the League of Professional Drinkers” – Evenimentul Zilei

Serghei Mizil appeared with a finger bandaged, in a television show. As a result, arousing curiosity, he was asked what happened, where he got the “bug”.

In his characteristic style, Serghei replied calmly that he did not know exactly what had happened!

“What can I say, on the way to the evening, I woke up without the navel of my finger (no fingertip).” He continued joking: “I live in the part where they enlarged the beach, and being a very big beach, I never got to the beach again, because I stopped where the table was there and from morning until… And it still happens accidentIt’s work. Now, I could claim compensation from the League of Professional Drinkers. Accident at work. Everything was fine and when I woke up I realized what had happened to me. I went to the doctor the next day and he made me tetanus, he asked me if he caught… I know now if he catches ?! ”, writes Cancan.

As a troubled child, Serghei Mizil had been making a lot of money since Ceausescu’s time

Serghei Mizil started making money even before the Revolution. In the time of Nicolae Ceaușescu, he left outside Romania where he returned with things that our compatriots were simply crazy about. Thus, video cameras, tapes or jeans jackets were sold in the country, and, from the transactions, he earned nice sums.

“My mother was against me. The other brothers were rewarding, of course he cared more about them. I had nothing to do with my mother, she masked me all the time. It was just foaming. Everyone came to the gate to say that I was a stain on society. I say I look like her. It was a very nasty thing for my poor mother. He died on New Year’s Eve at 12 o’clock. You want it, you don’t want it, it’s 12 o’clock, my mother died, I think “, said Serghei Mizil.

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