Serena Williams’ video with her 4-year-old daughter makes you smile

Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to bake a sprinkle cake! Tennis star Serena Williams shows how it should go in a heartwarming video with her four-year-old daughter Olympia.

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Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is the daughter of tennis player Serena Williams, 39, and tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, 38. The four-year-old has her own account on Instagram with 630K followers and the description of her profile states that she is an “adventurer”.

One of the many adventures that little Olympia enjoys is baking with her mother. In a video on her own Instagram account, Serena Williams shows how this particular activity works!

Bake sprinkles cake with mom

Mother and daughter are standing in the kitchen and Olympia is stirring with a wooden spoon in a bowl of cake batter when Serena asks:

– What are you baking, Olympia?

– Rainbow cake !, Olympia answers.

– I thought it was sprinkles, Serena answers.

– Look at our sprinkles, she adds and picks up the batter from the bowl as if to show it into the camera.

Serena tells Olympia that more milk is needed in the batter, after which Olympia takes a packet of milk and holds down a highly arbitrary splash in the bowl.

– Just a little! exclaims Serena, and gets a “sorry!” in response.

Watch the nice video here!

In the next clip, mother Serena says that they need to add more flour to save the batter, and points out that:

– We do not need to measure because it is Olympia’s cake and Olympia does not measure. We just pour.

The video ends with Serena stating that the duo are bakers.

– We’re bakers. Olympia and Serena, she says.

– Mom !, corrects the daughter.

– Olympia and mother, Serena agrees.

Video has been uploaded with the caption “Olympia’s winning recipe”. In the comments, the duo receives love and cheers from the followers.

Therefore, the family does not celebrate birthdays

Olympia is Serena and her husband Alexis’ first child together. The couple got engaged in Rome in 2016 and got married the following year in New Orleans. The wedding was packed with guests such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour on site. In September 2017, Olympia came into the world.

Serena Williams is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the family therefore does not celebrate birthdays in accordance with the faith, something she herself told about before her daughter would turn 1 year old.

Sprinkle cake can be baked anyway!

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