September is the perfect month to collect these very useful fungi against infections and inflammations

After a long wait, mushroom season has finally arrived. In September and October our woods are filled with prospectors and the tables are enriched with the unmistakable smell of these extraordinary foods. But mushrooms are not only good and very valuable. If eaten in the right way and in the right quantities they could really prove to be excellent allies for our health. And September is the perfect month to collect these mushrooms that are very useful against infections and inflammations. Let’s find out what they are, their nutritional values ​​and the indications to make the most of their potential. With a caveat. Never overdo the mushrooms and never eat them unless we are sure of their edibility.

September is the perfect month to collect these very useful fungi against infections and inflammations

Let’s start our review of useful fungi against infections and inflammations with porcini, perhaps the best known and most loved of all. In addition to being very good, the porcini contain good quantities of vitamins of groups A, B and C. All substances that could prove useful against inflammatory diseases and infections typical of autumn. But not only. These mushrooms are rich in potassium and phosphorus. Two essential minerals for the health of the cardiovascular system and for that of bones and teeth.

Often they are considered “series B” mushrooms but also champignons could be very useful for health. They do not contain cholesterol and are lactose and gluten free. Features that make them excellent for many types of controlled diets. In addition they contain Vitamin B and D and a good amount of potassium e zinc.

All the properties of another typical mushroom of our territories are also to be discovered: chanterelle. Many also know it as a cockerel and in some places it is even preferred to porcino. Chanterelle contains high amounts of B vitamins and Vitamin D2. The former give energy to the body. The second can help against cellular aging caused by free radicals.

How to consume them safely

To fully enjoy the benefits of mushrooms and avoid unpleasant surprises and poisoning we must adopt some very simple rules. And it is the Veronesi Foundation itself to provide very useful information. First of all, if we have any doubts about the edibility or not of a mushroom we should always contact a specialized mycological center.

Secondly, we should never overdo the consumption of mushrooms. Even edible ones if eaten too often or if cooked the wrong way can cause poisoning or intestinal and liver problems.


Hardly anyone knows about this mushroom but it is an amazing natural anticancer

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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