Send an ambulance to Vietnam… This company that brought in 100 million employees

Employee A undergoes surgery after being diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage in Vietnam
Local hospital recommends evacuation to Korea
Hansae Industries holds an emergency meeting and decides to transfer
The ambulance cost of 120 million won will be paid in full.

Hansae Industrial Factory in Vietnam. Photo = Hankyung DB

It was belatedly known that Korean clothing manufacturer Hansae Industrial Co., Ltd. paid the entire cost of an ambulance worth about 120 million won to evacuate an employee who collapsed from a brain hemorrhage in Vietnam.

According to News 1 on the 18th, a Korean employee who works at Hansae Industrial’s Vietnam production corporation was found collapsed in the dormitory last August. Person A was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital and was diagnosed with severe cerebral hemorrhage.

However, in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), there were no hospitals that could perform surgery right away, so Hanse Industries contacted the Korean consulate and the Korean Association directly to ask for help. In the end, Mr. A was able to undergo the operation in about 14 hours.

The operation was successfully completed, but the local hospital recommended that Mr. A be transferred to Korea for recovery and rehabilitation. However, it was unreasonable to take a general airplane in Mr. A’s condition.

After hearing the story, Hansae held an emergency executive meeting and decided to send Mr. A to Korea by air ambulance. The cost of using the air ambulance was about 120 million won, and the company decided to pay the entire amount.

Not only this. After deciding on the transfer of Mr. A, Hansae Industrial took responsibility for the entire process, from hiring an air ambulance to departure procedures for Mr. A. So, Mr. A was transferred to Korea in just three days after the company decided to transfer him.

Mr. A is in the process of recovery after arriving in Korea on September 11th. Person A said, “At the time, I know that the company worked hard so that the operation could be carried out quickly in Vietnam. I am very grateful that they even transported me to Korea so that I could be stable in Korea.” He said, “I am now improving with my family.”

Hansae Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and exports apparel for global famous brands such as Nike, Gap, Under Armor, Pink, and American Eagle. Currently, it has 11 overseas production subsidiaries in 6 countries, including Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Shin Hyun-ah, reporter at [email protected]

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