Semi-trailer on the A3 near Bessenbach on fire

Shortly before 7 p.m., a trailer truck from Hungary, loaded with vehicle parts, was traveling on the A 3 motorway in the direction of Würzburg.

Shortly before the Bessenbach/Waldaschaff junction, other road users drew the driver’s attention to the development of smoke and flames in the area of ​​the trailer.

The drivers stopped the vehicle in the hard shoulder. While one of the two uncoupled the tractor unit and brought it to safety, his colleague unsuccessfully tried to extinguish it.

When the fire brigades from Bessenbach, Hösbach and Waldaschaff arrived, the trailer was already ablaze. Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control quickly. However, neither the trailer nor the load could be saved. The property damage is likely to add up in the higher five-digit range.

During the extinguishing measures, the motorway was completely closed for around half an hour in the direction of Würzburg. The traffic was then able to pass on a strip. A specialist company had to come to the rescue, which had to reload the load before the trailer could be born.

Truck caught fire on the A3

Source: Ralf Hettler

The salvage work continued into the night hours.

Truck fire on the A3 near Bessenbach

Photo: Ralf Hettler | 23 images

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