Selena Gomez’s beauty secrets: boxing, bath bombs and the hairstyle that never fails her

of how you wake up in the morning

“I wish I had a little discipline! Usually, in the mornings I wake up before the alarm goes off, that sound bothers me a lot. So I always try to go back to sleep. The truth is that getting up every morning is a challenge for me”.

From your evening skincare routine

“I love it Tatcha. Their moisturizing creams and cleansing gels are gentle, but at the same time they extract everything that is left over. I only use that and moisturizer. As for makeup remover, I love the Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup RemoverIt is blue and very pretty. I use it to remove everything.”

of your mental health

“I think, to a certain extent, I had no choice. There was a time when so many things were said about me that I wondered how people could know the truth. So it grew out of my desire to be honest, to say, ‘None of what you’re hearing is true. What really happens is this. I have bipolar disorder and I had to learn a lot about myself. And it wasn’t easy. And sometimes it still isn’t. But I knew that if I didn’t say anything, others would speak for me. It was not fair”.

His advice to anyone who is depressed

“I would tell him to take a couple of hours to be alone, and then make the effort to invite a friend over and do something together. I always need a long time to release my emotions, but then I have to turn things around and meet someone, watch a movie…”.

Caring for your skin when it’s cold

“In winter the sun can play tricks on you, so it is very important to use sun protection. Normally, besides that, I put on full makeup.”

Of the three most used items in your makeup bag

“I am very proud of myself weird mascara. I use the colorete Soft Pinch, and I have at least one lipstick from the line Lip Soufflé Lip Cream. I love all the shades, but the one I use the most is Inspire.”

of her favorite hairstyles

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“Sometimes I wear my hair wavy and loose, but now I have it quite short. This bob makes me feel like a business woman. I also like to wear a bow: it is simple and easy to do. And it gives you a rapturous look.”

Of the night looks

“I always wear red lipstick when I go out to dinner. It makes me feel very classy and old school. And if I’m not dating anyone (which I’m not) it’s okay because I’m not going to kiss anyone.”

The key to a good shower

“I love essential oils. If I took a bath I’d be addicted to bath bombs, but I usually take a shower. I prefer it because it’s faster and I can calculate how long I’ve been there.”

Of the rituals that help her relax

“I like to be alone for a while; whatever I’m feeling, I need to take a second to process it. I’m trying to breathe in and out. I also like to eat something that makes me feel good, put on a comfy sweatshirt and give myself a break.”

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