Seine et Marne. A second station will accommodate Ouigo trains, the low cost offer of the SNCF

If the Chessy station accommodates “high speed” Ouigo, in the spring Melun station will offer a classic speed offer to go to Dijon, Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon and Lyon (© SNCF)

Slower, but above all cheaper … Ouigo, l’SNCF low-cost offer will connect soon Paris and Lyon via Melun (Seine-et-Marne), but also other stations like Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val de Marne), Dijon (Côte-d’Or), Chalon-sur-Saone and Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire). “It is an additional offer which makes it possible to serve stations in the inner and outer suburbs,” said the SNCF.

Tickets from 10 to 30 €

Four trains will be offered per day (two Paris / Lyon departing from Paris-Bercy and two Lyon / Paris). If the timetables are not yet specified, they will be trains outside peak hours. If the launch of the Ouigo was initially done on the high-speed Ouigo lines (for example in Chessy), this new offer concerns so-called “classic speed” lines.

The future Ouigo will be composed of Corails train cars
The future Ouigo will be made up of refurbished Corail train cars (© SNCF)

Thus, passengers will travel in reused Corail trains fitted out in the Ouigo version, identifiable with their bright pink and blue color. In total, some 2,560 places will be offered on this line, every day, between Paris and Lyon. “These trains will run on tracks making it possible to go up to 160 km / h,” said the SNCF. This new offer is a way of offering an alternative with an attractive offer to road users ”.

Thus, from Melun, travelers will be able to go to all the municipalities served for a price ranging from 10 to 30 €. For children, the price of the Ouigo classic speed ticket remains 5 €. According to SNCF estimates, these new trains will, for example, make it possible to connect Melun and Lyon in less than 5 hours. “This will allow a finer network of the territory with new stations served”, continues the SNCF.

5 € up to 12 years

To buy your ticket, it will be possible to book up to 45 days before departure (compared to 9 months for high-speed Ouigo) and until the last minute, without changing the cost of the ticket. Bicycle options will be offered to travelers for a supplement of € 5 to € 10. For the launch, the additional baggage will be free, but will then be charged 5 €.

An additional card for tourism

For the Melun Val de Seine tourist office, this new service opens up new horizons: “Before the crisis, we had just started work to attract visitors from Burgundy,” explains Corinne Picaut, director. With this offer, they will be able to more easily discover the riches of the territory: from the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte through the forest of Fontainebleau accessible by bike in less than 10 minutes, but also walks on the banks or the museum of the police station. “

Two branches of Ouigo in
Two branches of Ouigo in “classic speed” will be deployed next spring (© SNCF)

This new offer should be rolled out by April or May 2022. In parallel, another branch of Ouigo “at conventional speed” will provide service to stations in the West from Paris-Austerlitz with a terminus in Nantes via municipalities such as Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), Le Mans (Sarthe), Angers (Maine-et-Loire), but also Blois (Loir-et-Cher), Saumur (Maine-et-Loire).

For Seine-et-Marnais wishing to use this other branch, it would be better to reach Paris by Transilien then take the other Ouigo at classic speed at Austerlitz. For High Speed ​​trains, Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy station continues to be the starting point for high-speed Ouigo for Seine-et-Marne.

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