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Sébastien Faraglia talks about his choice to separate from Poinsignon

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Wednesday 09 December 2020 18:09 – Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

Yesterday, FC Annecy announced their separation from Michel Poinsignon, after a difficult start to the season for Les Annecy in N1. He was replaced, in the wake, by the pair Rémi Dru and Nicolas Goussé, in an attempt to bring Annecy up in the ranking. Sébastien Faraglia, the president of the SAS, spoke about his choice, confident “We have a lot of skills in the technical supervision of the club and the Sports Management has decided to entrust the reins of the first team to Rémi Dru and to Nicolas Goussé. We have no doubt about the abilities of this pair to carry out the rest of the operations. They have the total confidence of the players of the club. Johann Durand will join us until the truce to complete the technical staff and take over the training of goalkeepers. “

He also addressed the handover between Poinsignon and the pair, explaining “The handover went very well. Michel Poinsignon wished to announce himself to his staff and his players the club’s decision and had to this occasion strong words in the direction of his group. Leaving the interests of the club as a priority, he hammered home his convictions and values ​​to the group as a guarantee of success for tomorrow and wished his successors good luck. ” A dignified departure therefore from the former technician of the Annecy team. From now on, Annecy must recover and move forward in order to leave the last place in the standings. Faraglia insists “We have to reverse the trend and put actions in place to achieve this. The three games that come before the break reflect a major stake in getting into the second half of the season.” That is what is said.

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