Seat Music Awards 2021, Annalisa lights up the stage with the electric look

The second and last evening of the Seat Music Awards 2021 it kept us glued to the screen, between the desire to dance and to leave again. In fact, the event represented a real restart of the television season, pending the start of the programs. As always, we were attracted by the looks of the artists present: in particular, Annalisa Scarrone he ventured an electric outfit, almost like a disco one.

A screaming sheath dress to say the least, with long sleeves and super tight, which enhanced her feminine figure. The choice of black ankle boots is also very appropriate, an indispensable trend in anticipation of autumn winter 2021 fashion. The Italian singer-songwriter is highly appreciated not only for her music, but also for the looks she offers during the evenings or events she presents . Nothing is ever out of place and every detail enhances its natural beauty.

Even today we remember the look proposed in Sanremo 2021: a queen of elegance, passionate and beautiful, who shone like a musical star and an inspiring diva. From the suit to the short black dress (which charged her figure with charm and mystery), she gave her all in every evening. So, we weren’t surprised by her ai outfit Seat Music Awards 2021: very suitable for the evening, the return to the stage, the spotlight that is rekindled on musical culture.

Under the kaleidoscope of lights, a psychedelic look, to which he combined a classic hairstyle for her: very smooth hair, which enhanced the sweet features of her face. For the make-up, on the other hand, Annalisa opted for a shade on the eyes. The essential accessory? The wide and round earrings, which completed her stage animal look.

Passed with flying colors? What’s more, because every detail has been studied with great care. Obviously, he couldn’t help but sing paired with Federico Rossi the song “Slow motion“. Impossible not to be conquered by their overwhelming sensual melody. We will not easily forget this combination: the dress is an ideal must have for winter nights on the disco or for a concert. Once again, Annalisa gave us one style lesson.

Seat Music Awards 2021, Annalisa’s look


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