“Scorpion”… Dubai Police reveals details of Israeli smuggling half a ton of cocaine… Video

Dubai Police revealed, this evening, Sunday, the details of the “Scorpion” operation, which led to the arrest of an Israeli citizen, who managed to bring half a ton of cocaine into the country, before he was arrested in flagrante delicto.

The police said that information from a reliable source reached the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai that there is an international gang formation in the process of introducing drugs into the country for the purpose of trafficking and promotion.

Dubai Police published a video clip that begins with the monitoring of the 31-year-old Israeli Khalil Desouki, who was sent by the gang to complete the operation, upon his arrival at one of the country’s airports.

The video showed round-the-clock monitoring of the suspect, while he was driving a car.

Through observation and investigation, it was found that the suspect hesitated at a warehouse, then spotted him buying cutting tools, while making sudden movements in his car to evade any possible surveillance.

One night, under cover of darkness, the suspect infiltrated the storage place with the intention of unloading the drug shipment. At that time, he was caught red-handed with 500 kilograms of cocaine, valued at 500 million dirhams, or more than 136 million US dollars.

The police did not directly indicate the suspect’s nationality and said he was of Middle Eastern origin, but the Hebrew “Walla” website said he was the Israeli Khalil Desouki.

The site said in a report on Sunday eveningDesouky left Israel last Tuesday for the UAE, and shortly after landing at the airport – he was arrested in the same car in the city.

People close to him were quoted as saying that he was apparently under surveillance, in a joint operation between the Israeli police and Dubai Police – who learned of his planned trip to the city.

According to one of the sources, the drugs came to Dubai from Thailand and were supposed to leave for Israel.

In the coming days, Israeli lawyer Uri Bennatan, who has also represented Desouki in the past, will be allowed to communicate with him through a local lawyer.

“I have no doubt that even if he was involved in one activity or another, Desouqi was taken advantage of by others,” Bennatan told the Hebrew website.

He added that to his knowledge, Desouky was not brought before a judge, but only before the public prosecutor who ordered his continued detention for questioning, because the legal procedures in Dubai differ from those in Israel.


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