Scientists have named a healthy drink that can destroy the liver


01.05.2023 22:39

Green tea is considered by many to be an almost miraculous drink, but excessive consumption of it can lead to serious problems in the body. This conclusion was reached by researchers from Israel, writes the Jerusalem Post.

The drink has a number of useful properties, including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. It can improve brain function, normalize metabolism and hormonal levels, but in large quantities it is toxic to the liver, the scientists noted.

They identified over 100 reported cases of liver inflammation due to green tea consumption. The reason is the action of botanical toxins in tea leaves and the resulting metabolic reaction.

Also, in some cases, the use of this drink led to the development of liver failure.

Gastroenterologist Stephen Melnick gave an example when a 23-year-old patient who drank 2-3 cups of strong green tea every day needed a liver transplant a month later.

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Author Maxim Alexandrov

Maxim Aleksandrov – journalist, correspondent for the news service

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Elena Andreeva – Deputy Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “NMIC of Endocrinology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia – Director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine

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