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Scientists have found a planet that should not have existed | The science

by drbyos

Scientists for the first time have found a large exoplanet YSES 2b, which is located at a huge distance from its star – about 110 times the distance between the Sun and Earth.

Planetary scientists noted that this contradicts theories of planet formation, the journal says. Astronomy & Astrophysics.

“The planet YSES 2b could hardly have formed where it is, because there simply would not be enough matter for that. This makes the planet the most interesting object for studying the secrets of the formation of large planets,” the scientists noted.

It is noted that the planet YSES 2b is a gas giant like Jupiter. The distance between the planet and its star is about 20 times greater than between Jupiter and the Sun. Moreover, YSES 2b is much heavier than Jupiter.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that such a huge distance suggests that YSES 2b was previously located at the edge of the gas and dust disk, inside which this star system arose.

At the same time, the calculations of planetary scientists show that in this region of the protoplanetary disk there was not as much matter as needed to form such a large gas giant.

The peculiarities of the orbit of YSES 2b and some other data exclude the possibility that this planet did not form in its current orbit, but came to the outskirts of the stellar system as a result of gravitational interactions or capture from the interstellar medium.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, scientists have found a terrestrial planet that has kept its atmosphere.

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