‘School violence’ Lee Da-young, domestic violence controversy… Husband insists on “psychiatric treatment”

Lee Da-young, volleyball player. Sports Donga DB

Allegations of domestic violence have been raised about the younger brother Da-young Lee (25), one of the twin sisters who were unable to step on the V-League court due to the controversy over school violence. Da-young Lee’s husband claimed that he was “in psychiatric treatment until now” due to his abusive language and assault.

On the 8th, TV Chosun reported that husband A and Lee Da-young completed their marriage registration in 2018, three months after they met. However, he said that after less than a year of marriage, Lee Da-young’s habit of verbal abuse continued.

According to the report, Mr. A expressed his marriage as hell, saying, “There was also a curse on our family.” In fact, in the mobile messenger released by Mr. A, Da-young Lee said, “Because you’re going to use people and throw away your XX,” “Come have a heart attack and get rid of your XX,” “I don’t want to live with an XX like you,” “I’m going to file a divorce suit.”

Regarding Lee Da-young’s behavior, Mr. A said, “I don’t know. For example, I was supposed to be picked up at my hotel by 7:00, but I arrived at 7:01. It explodes in one minute… “He said. He also claimed, “When my parents and I were at home together, we held the X in the kitchen.” A said that she was diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, and insomnia due to Lee Da-young’s abusive language, and is currently receiving treatment. Although he had discussed divorce through a lawyer, he demanded a sincere apology, saying that Lee Da-young’s reply was interrupted after the school violence controversy. On the other hand, Lee Da-young’s side has not made a special position on Mr. A’s claim. The twin sisters recently signed a contract with the Greek club PAOK Thessaloniki after they were unable to play in the domestic league due to the school violence controversy that broke out in February. It is said that he is scheduled to depart on the 16th.

Cho Hye-sun, reporter for Donga.com [email protected]

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