Schlagbourg, the Instagram account that wants to be the anti-postcard of Strasbourg

Schlagbourg, the Instagram account that wants to be the anti-postcard of Strasbourg

People from Strasbourg who are active on Instagram and Facebook necessarily know Schlagbourg. This account created in 2019 compiles all the unusual images of the Alsatian capital, far from the “instagrammable” photos that are usually found on the networks.

On Instagram et Facebook, more than 20,000 people follow Schlagbourg. An account where the unusual and ubiquitous situations of Strasbourg are listed. Above, the “schlags” of the Alsatian capital are entitled to their quarter of an hour of fame.

Its creator remains discreet. From him, we will only know that he is from Strasbourg and that he is in his thirties. But he still agrees to answer our questions: “The idea of ​​the account came to me when I saw all Strasbourg Instagram accounts, where everything is magnified. It was in 2019, with the start of influencers posing at Petite France. So yes, it’s a very beautiful city, but the postcard atmosphere is not just that.”

Then comes the moment to create Schlagbourg, an account where we find the reverse of this postcard. Tourists come for the Christmas market, to take their picture next to the Lycée des Pontonniers or for the Cathedral. Here, you will not find any of that, you will be warned.

I think people relate to all of this.

The Community Manager of “Schlagbourg”

Instead, Schlagbourg offers to show what happens at Neuhof, Meinau, Schiltigheim or simply after dark. All these corners that we do not show enough but which are an integral part of the city: “In Strasbourg, there is a wavering of ‘cassosserie’ ambient. And I find that in there, there is a real beauty”continues our Instagrammer whose approach is intended above all to be humorous, without any intention of mocking.

Initially, he took pictures of the broken bicycles in the city: “It made me laugh. Then I took the tram accidents I saw, the deteriorated bus shelters… It was a little delirium for me, and more and more people started sending me pictures and videos, it’s become participatory. I think people find themselves in all of this.”

Burnt cars and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, that’s Strasbourg too!

The community manager of Schlagbourg

On Schlabourg, Strasbourg traditions are given pride of place. Especially those that do not make everyone dream: “Burnt cars and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, that’s Strasbourg too! And then it’s only here that you can find cailleras talking to you with an Alsatian accent. There’s a whole frenzy around the Picon and Maggi too. But again, there’s a real Strasbourg community that wants to laugh at all of this. I just want to show a trashy side of the city and kindly laughing at our characters.”

When you look closely, in Strasbourg, you find more nutria than storks!

The community manager of Schlagbourg

We find this trash side from the profile photo of the account, on which appears a nutria. “I wanted to change the emblem of the city. Because when you look closely, in Strasbourg, you find more coypus than storks! It’s an animal that has a bad image, whereas it doesn’t didn’t ask for anything. So, I appropriate the nutria as something nice. I get videos from people who tell me ‘Oh, but they are so cute!’

When we ask our Instagrammer if Schlagbourg takes up a lot of his time, he laughs and replies: “Really, it doesn’t take me a lot of time. I talk to people who send me photos, I do my little montages on Insta, I put the same rotten hashtags…” The buzz race is not for him.

Despite the deliberately provocative and trashy side of the account, its user imposes limits: “When someone sends me a photo that I find sad or too gory, I don’t post it. Afterwards, it’s common sense. Also, I blur faces when I can, even if some are happy to see each other on Schlagbourg! We will say that the first limit is that it makes me laugh.

Since the beginning of this article, a question must cross your mind: What is a schlag? Vast question, which does not have only one answer… Here is what the Strasbourg resident thinks: “We can all be at some point. There, I’m normal, but Saturday night, I was schlag. It’s a very broad definition: it goes from someone who does a little shit, a little ‘cases’, to one who is simply late. I think the best definition is a nutria! He is a bit ‘dark’, he intrigues and freaks out with his yellow teeth.”

Characters, there are others. But let’s say no more. We let you discover the planet Schlabourg with its Johnny, its cult to Roland Ries, Mickess, Patess or even the tram, renamed “The Iron Serpent”. An air of Groland blows on this account, whose creator would like, why not, to make a comic strip.


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