Scenes from the coronation weekend: Kensington Palace dedicates its own image film to William

Scenes from the coronation weekend
Kensington Palace dedicates his own image film to William

After Charles and Camilla were crowned last Saturday, a video from Kensington Palace now gives a glimpse of how William and Kate experienced the ceremony. The family can be seen in the palace, during the parade through the city and at the coronation concert in Windsor.

A week after the coronation of King Charles III. Kensington Palace released an image film of the event from the perspective of heir apparent Prince William. The almost five-minute video shows scenes from the coronation weekend, partly from the public program items, partly from the preparations and receptions behind the scenes.

Kensington Palace is the residence of William and his wife Kate, who have held the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year. The focus of the video is not King Charles, his wife Queen Camilla and their coronation, but the activities of William, Kate and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The family can be seen at the palace, during the parade through the city, at the Coronation Concert in Windsor and volunteering for a Boy Scout group on Coronation Day. The scenes are partly accompanied by dramatic music, which stands in contrast to the contemplative activities of the royals. Again and again, brief verbal contributions from William are recorded, for example his oath of allegiance to his father at the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

Charles, 74, and Camilla, 75, were crowned in London last Saturday. Tens of thousands of people gathered between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey for the first coronation in the United Kingdom in 70 years. The ceremony in the church was attended by about 2,300 invited guests from all over the world, including members of other royal families, heads of state and government and distinguished citizens.

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