Scandal in the mayor’s office of Pyt-Yakh due to a candid video of a UKS employee – News of Surgut

Scandal in the mayor’s office of Pyt-Yakh due to a candid video of a UKS employee – News of Surgut

Photo: VK page of Alexander Morozov,

The administration of Pyt-Yakh commented on the scandal with the video, which was posted by an employee of the UKS in her social networks. On footage girl sitting in the study in revealing clothes and drinking coffee.

“This I am in my pink office as the head of the department preparing documentation and counting the repair of your roads, traffic lights, gas pipelines and other city facilities, drinking the best raf cooked at my place, ”reads the caption to the video.

After the video began to circulate on social networks, many people were extremely outraged by the behavior of the employee of the Capital Construction Department.

City Hall responded to the incident. The head of Pyt-Yakh said that the situation was under his personal control.

“Undoubtedly this fact requires the adoption of appropriate measures. In this connection, on August 3, the first deputy head of the city, Oleg Irevlin, held a meeting with the acting head of the MKU UKS of the city of Pyt-Yakh, Rovenna Kirkina, and an employee of the UKS, Ekaterina Smirnova, about the inadmissibility of such behavior and statements,” the head of the city wrote in his social networks.

— That’s right! Civil servants at work are required to comply with the dress code, and outside of work, let them go as they please. And then you look at the video and think, the girl is either in a nightclub, or at work, with a bare belly and with a skirt cutout just right. I also think that at work such clothes are not acceptable! — subscriber supported the mayor’s decision.

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“It is necessary to fire and that’s all,” another subscriber said categorically.


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