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For 4 1/2 years no way was too far and no storm too great, because we simply had to sail around the world on a small sailboat and recorded more than 200 musicians in 30 countries. This resulted in such great pieces that should definitely be pressed onto CD and vinyl now. Be there, become part of the Sailing Conductors and help us to collect the last costs! www.startnext.com/sailingconductors What is the project about? After completing our studies, we both chose a slightly different career path. We wanted to become music producers and all of a sudden we had this idea: We’ll sail home on a sailboat and take in musicians who have never met in their lives. The musicians get the playback of a previous musician via headphones, giving the piece a new meaning through their playing. World music taken literally. We can hardly believe how lucky we were and how many great musicians we often found by chance. For four and a half years we realized this project on our own and with the support of family and friends. Now we have arrived in Germany and have already mixed 13 wonderful tracks that are just waiting to be released. What are the goals and who is the target group? We just have to finish this record and all we still need is the support of people who either just like good music, find crazy ideas exciting, or maybe can’t travel themselves. People who like our small contribution to international understanding! Why should anyone support this project? Anyone who supports us and chooses one or more of the thank-you gifts will in any case receive the record before everyone else and can be sure that something unique and unique will be realized here. So many talented people have become part of our project and part of our family and have put their heart and soul and passion into this CD, which now only has to overcome the hurdle of funding so shortly before its release. What happens with the money if financing was successful? With the money we can master the plate and then have it pressed. In addition, it produces the thank-you notes and pays for postage and packaging so that everything can be sent safely and quickly to the supporters. Who is behind the project? The Sailing Conductors are Benjamin Schaschek (29, St. Augustin) and Hannes Koch (27, Rostock). We met in 2008 while studying audio engineering at the SAE in Berlin and then chose a slightly different career path.

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