SBK, VIDEO – Leon Haslam talks about himself: “My races, my life”

Leon Haslam is not simply a son of art. The British can in fact be defined as ‘the’ son of art par excellence, having inherited from his father Ron Rocket Haslam the passion for motorcycles, the talent necessary to emerge and a dedication that accompanied him, and is still doing so, throughout his career as a professional rider.

Leon has raced with many types of bikes in his life, he attended his first race when he was less than two months old. An imprinting that evidently worked, given that at the age of 38, the Englishman spent 34 riding a two-wheeled vehicle, chasing the dream of winning in any category in which he has raced.

“Bikes are a way of life for me – Haslam says in a video made by Honda – it can be any motorcycle. Racing on wet ground on a motorcycle, going from trial to motocross to flat track. Yes, my motorcycle career took place on the road, and it is in this area that I train and concentrate, but it has always been something everyday for me. I feel really blessed to have been able to do that. “

What Leon did just a few pilots did, given that he was lucky enough to race in the world championship in 500, to then face the challenge in SBK both in the British championship and in the world championship. He has won the Suzuka 8 Hours three times, close to the world title in SBK and won one in the BSB. He has also raced with other brands as well as with Honda, but it is to HRC that his long career is most closely linked, as happened to his father Ron. Now it will be possible for fans to relive his career by visiting the museum organized by the Haslam in their old house, where memorabilia from the careers of father and son have been collected.

Among helmets, suits and trophies, you can also observe in this museum the fixators and prostheses that over the years have allowed the Haslam not to give in to bad luck, reacting to every injury to be able to get back on the saddle stronger than before. Then there is the first contract signed by Ron with HRC, dating back to 1983, the very year in which Leon was born. There are the 1981 and 2006 MCN covers depicting the man of the year for the British magazine. In the first the father, in the most recent the son, the only family to win the prestigious award through two generations.

“The photos, year after year, bring back good memories, like the victories at the Suzuka 8 Hours and so on, but above all the images of me and my father, after all the support he gave me. Photos are always a great way to look back and see what you’ve achieved. Then there are things I want to cross off the list, before hanging up my boots, as they say. I want to race a 24 Hours of Le Mans, something I’ve always wanted to do, and a race from my father’s time, the Daytona 200. “

The video is really exciting, and condenses the emotions of two splendid careers entirely devoted to motorcycling in its purest sense. Passion, fun and courage. It is worth organizing a trip to visit this splendid collection in person.


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