Say goodbye to ATM withdrawals – here’s how it’s done from now on

ATMs may soon become a thing of the past. Some institutions are already moving in this direction, to the great perplexity of consumers and, in particular, of the more conservative customers. A real revolution, even cultural. Let’s find out more.

Say goodbye to ATM withdrawals? (Source: pixabay)

A great revolution for consumers: it is the one that has already been partially prepared in the banking world by some institutions. But that’s not necessarily the case development for others as well. This is to reduce the circulation of cash and the costs related to operations considered, by now, unprofitable, like, in fact, ATM withdrawals.

Yes, ok, they are very practical for account holders, especially those of small caliber, consumers used to withdrawing cash to carry out expenses and daily operations, but they are not very convenient for the bank, who wants to sail, with full sail, towards modernity.

Banks want to bet not only on digitization push of all services but also on corporate customers who works, obviously, handling large volumes of business and money. The consequences of all of this are important. Let’s find out what’s happening.

Say goodbye to ATM withdrawals? A revolution!

A revolution too cultural, especially in a country like Italy where there are still pockets of consumers who are even resistant to using the ATM at the supermarket or crediting their pension to their current account. Yet the banks are pushing towards the progress. Particularly, Ing Direct it would have already oriented itself in the direction of saying goodbye to ATM withdrawals and as well Deutsche Bank he would be proceeding on this path. And the small consumers?

There is no shortage of perplexities, also because it is a question of eradicating rooted habits. But, as mentioned, the banks have every interest in strengthening, instead, the business branch, that of those who – so to speak – holds large assets and carries out all his actions remotely. Among other things, the uncertainty about employees also arises: what will happen to those of the branches subject to future cuts? We will see how these situations will be handled. Let’s see now, however, how small consumers should behave.

Retail customers, die hard habits

Technically we speak of clientela retail. These are small account holders who are used to going to the counter to withdraw cash or to carry out other small transactions. Precisely this retail clientele will have to sacrifice the habit of ATM withdrawals and other uses more or less rooted in custom.

And he must, therefore, either contact other banks to make the withdrawal, possibly paying a commission where applicable, or he will have to resign himself to carrying out any operation on the web and to carry out electronic payments in the financial years. There are some open questions, especially in consideration of the existence of many small villages with a single counter, almost considered a point of reference. In any case, cash is now considered obsolete in the financial world. The revolution is, in all likelihood, destined to happen!

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