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Sävehof collapsed without Roberts suspended

by drbyos

Then Roberts will be there. She was in place tonight but had to stay in the stands with her little baby.

– I always wish Jamina is with me because she is such a good handball player. Höör is a good team and all praise to them but we did not reach the normal level. We know what we can do and I have full confidence that we can perform better in the next match. We will watch video and see if we can take some “tricks” with us, says Sävehof’s Danish coach Rasmus Overby to C More.

It was even for ten minutes since Höör ran away and fixed a decisive fifth semifinal in Partille on Friday. With Roberts in the team, Sävehof had two clear home victories and a loss after extra time in the three previous semifinals.

“It could have been over”

– We have had good training since the last match and had a good feeling. We had a very good move in the team and a lot to lose but it was just a matter of driving. It could have been over but now it is not, says Höör’s four-goal shooter Emma Lindkvist.

Sävehof groped blindly.

– It is very rare to see Sävehof collapse in this way, especially in a playoff match, says Sportkanalen’s expert Jennie Linnéll about the underperforming Partilla team.

Sävehof’s frustrated coach Rasmus Overby received a yellow card for protesting in the middle of the second half. None of the directives at the timeouts worked.

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