Sarah Connor: With her sad video, she breaks fan hearts

Sarah Connor
She has Corona and has to cancel her concert

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Sarah Connor reports on Instagram with bad news. You and your child would have been infected with Corona. Her cancellation for the concert in Leipzig caused the singer to have a nervous breakdown.

With the words “Unfortunately I have very bad news for you”, singer Sarah Connor, 41, begins her sad message on Instagram. She takes a deep breath, her voice sounds nasal – and then comes the bad news.

Sarah Connor: “I had a little nervous breakdown”

“I tested positive this morning – for Covid,” explains the pop star. The words are clearly difficult for Sarah, but it gets worse: “One of my children is sick with Covid, got infected somewhere,” said Connor. She had spent the last few nights nursing it, “lowering the fever” and “calming the cough”. The mother of four does not reveal who it is exactly.

She has cold symptoms, but her nasal voice is mainly due to the deep dullness that Sarah feels. The musician had “been crying and having a little nervous breakdown” all morning because she was looking forward to this concert so much. Because because of her corona illness, she had to be quarantined immediately, her concert in Leipzig on September 3, 2021 was canceled at short notice.

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Sarah Connors child got it worse than her

“So much work, love and organization” went into the preparations, the whole band, everyone put so much heart and soul into the rehearsals. She is terribly sorry and it breaks her heart that “the plug” is being pulled now.

But there is also positive news: “I have long since been vaccinated and fortunately only have mild symptoms, so no need to worry,” writes Sarah Connor about the several minutes long Instagram video. Unfortunately, her child had it worse, unlike her, it had not yet been vaccinated.

Nevertheless, she believes that if a door closes, another will open somewhere else – and hopefully she will soon be able to catch up with the concert.

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