Santiago Solari highlights similarities between Real Madrid and America

Mexico City /

Santiago Solari is clear: Real Madrid and America They have some similarities because of the strong summoning power they have. However, the Azulcrema strategist said that the difference is that Spaniards have a global impact, while the Eagles only in Latin America.

However, from the perspective of the former player of the Real Madrid, you can’t detract from the America, then highlighted the numerous fans that accompanies them.

“What Madrid has in particular with the rest of the teams is that it is global, surpasses everything that is Spain and Europe, questions in a lost town in Asia and they meet Real Madrid.

America does not have that global level of Real Madrid, but it does have a Latin American level And of course Mexico is a continent, we have to multiply the population of Spain by four, that is why America has that mythical stadium, the Azteca, and that is why it is very difficult to work in America, to walk quietly down the street, it is very popular”, Explained the Indiecito in conversation with the Stringer.

In Mexico they only talk about America

The Argentine strategist took time to talk about what the Mexican press is like, where he explained that there is a lot of passion for soccer, but everyone focuses on talking more about it. America.

“There are many football opinion programs, they live it with a lot of passion. America accounts for almost everything, at least 80%, there are other big and winning clubs in Mexico, but America takes the covers, takes the TV shows, the opinions and the whole world is of them “.


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