Santa Clara County will distribute free home tests to those who request them | Videos | Univision 14 San Francisco KDTV

So, you are in Santa Clararespond to testscovid 19 with one remove theopportunity, my partnerYou say how to get them.maía: take the test in thebay area is a wholeOdyssey.I made the appointment last weekpast and until today they gave me theappointment to get testedcovid 19 aqí en san joé.reporter: we entered thecounty page and wewe found appointment forpcr tests until next timeweek and they also reporthome test leaks inthe stores.all stores haveshortage.reporter: so thecounty will grant evidenceFree to those who need it.these home testswe hope you will help us in thatpeople leave positive youstay home and carry onwith isolation.reporter: santa countyClara will be granting up tomust be to the web page thatappears on the screen,select the option to doa date and there must haveinformation asica of whyyou are asking for an appointment, either bysymptoms or because you wereexposed to someone withvirus, you will receive an emailelectronic back andyou just have to prioritize the boonorange and there you are going to directthe web page to choose thetime and place of the appointment and you goto receive a confirmation andYou just have to call 211 andsomeone can help youSpanish and you can make your must also have an odeqr to present at the time oftest you for free.all our four sitesthat we have enabled in thesemoments are coming fromself service.and this is recommendedpeople arrive in their vehicle,spring from the one in ourcommunity there are people who do nothave vehicles, in thesecases we will have a goal thatwill be ready to the side.reporter: the tests will bemarked to ban yourresale and our application


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