San Leonardo approves a credit modification for 137,000 euros

The City Council of San Leonardo de Yagüe has approved in an extraordinary session of its plenary a modification of credits that is specified in 137,520 euros greater than what was budgeted for this 2022. All the councilors have supported the proposal that it intended to deal with expenses that “not could be delayed,” said Belinda Peñalba, mayor of the municipality.

As explained by the councilor, this credit modification is carried out through the creation of new items and the complementation of others that “fell short when budgeting.” Everything will be financed with new income (there is an already authorized transfer from the Cooperation Fund of the Junta de Castilla y León for 38,374 euros), with the cancellation of the item destined for the purchase of a second-hand sweeper (20,000 euros), and with remaining cash for general expenses (79,000 euros).

The new items that will be incorporated into the budget of San Leonardo de Yagüe will be two:

– Full remuneration of temporary staff of municipal offices. It is endowed with 13,700 euros to face the hiring of a new administrative that will cover the period between the retirement of a person from the staff and the incorporation of another vacant position.

– Project to remove architectural barriers at CEIP María Eugenia Martínez del Campo. The intention is “to put an elevator to facilitate the mobility of those students with problems,” said Peñalba. In total, it will involve an investment of 42,000 euros, although it is expected to be able to access some type of subsidy.

There will be four items already budgeted that will be supplemented:

1. Social Security of the general administration personnel of the municipal offices. It will correspond to the hiring of the new reinforcement administrative.

2. Repairs and maintenance of machinery and installations. 15,000 euros will be used to repair a sweeper because the government team has decided not to buy a second-hand one and wait until next year to “buy a new one,” the mayor pointed out.

3. Popular celebrations. The 70,000 euros initially budgeted fall short and it has been decided to supplement by another 60,000 euros to “cope with the summer celebrations”.

4. Pest control. The treatment to be applied to control the population of pigeons was budgeted at 8,000 euros, but with the rise in prices it will mean 2,500 euros more.


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