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From the first hour it has been a non-stop selling sardines. Victor, from Víctor Fish, took a hundred kilos that he had finished at twelve noon. He sold them for 15 euros a kilo. The medianillo has gone to six euros. In the Elliptical Square of The Rosales Verbena cannot be maintained each year, but residents have begun to process individual permits to place grills throughout the area. There is no place left in the Elliptical Square.

500 people will gather where last year there were 3,000

Last week they held a meeting with the mayor so that grills with a meter high above the ground or on sand were held in that space and throughout the neighborhood. The Plaza Elíptica will be filled in an orderly manner with groups of twenty people without live music but otherwise.

From the neighborhood association they point out that a party will be held in style. “The elliptical square is going to be full of people, in an orderly, parceled way, without live music, with groups of 20 people, although everything we have been doing for other years is not going to be able to be done,” said Javier Gárate.

Atypical St. John

The beaches close at 9:00 p.m., there will be no bonfires, not even in the neighborhoods, in an atypical San Xoan. The Council has enabled a special emergency device which will be launched from mid-afternoon to control the sandbanks. They exceed 300, they are about 40 more than yesterday, the statements responsible for the use of grills, last year reached 800

The mayor, Inés Rey, ask for caution, avoid crowds and always wear a mask. It calls for responsibility. “We cannot forget that the virus continues,” A Coruña said in Hoy por Hoy. “We can infect ourselves and endanger others, so we must take extreme precautions, avoiding crowds and avoiding risky situations,” he added.

The councilor for the environment Esther Fontán points out that the Council will distribute containers to collect the waste from the barbecue. He calls for the coals to be put out well and calls for individual responsibility: “When someone makes a grill or whatever, please make sure you put the embers out well, we will have more containers, it will be picked up and cleaned like every night on St. Juan with the peculiarity that the beach will not have to be cleaned. “

The Council will launch a special cleaning device, this year with less intensity on the beaches, which, we remember again, will not be accessible.

The beaches are also closed in Oleiros, Miño or Arteixo and Sada. In the latter town, the City Council has denied permits for hospitality venues to grill or sardine in public spaces. In Oak, where they can be held on private properties, with a time limit until 3.30 in the morning, but it will be prohibited in public spaces and on beaches, according to the regulations made public by the consistory.

In them, the prohibition to carry out the traditional parochial, community or neighborhood bonfires “in public spaces or on private or community land, capable of being used by an indeterminate group of people” is recalled.

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