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San Francisco, Antioquia is transformed through art

by drbyos

Processes to overcome violence and rebirth made many territories in our department. And just in the month of memory and solidarity with the victims of the armed conflict in the municipality of San Francisco came together to recall their memories.


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Many municipalities in Antioquia have risen from the ashes after years of darkness, which is why they now do memory of the pain and resilience that these acts of violence left them.

The National Center for Historical Memory commemorated the National Day of Memory and Solidarity with the Victims, with an act of commemoration in San Francisco, one of the municipalities hardest hit by the conflict at the end and beginning of the century.

According to statistics from the National Center for Historical Memory, close to 95% of the inhabitants of this municipality are victims of the armed conflict, but many of these people transform their territory through art, with the idea also that the resilient San Francisco becomes a tourist attraction.

Little by little, everything is changing and these spaces are made in order to remember the strength of the people and to remember those difficult days, already overcome by many.

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