Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 shows repair upgrades in teardown video

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 shows repair upgrades in teardown video

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (approx. 1,040 euros on Amazon) differs from the Galaxy Z Flip4 primarily in terms of the significantly larger second display. Like the teardown video embedded below by PBKreviews shows, there are definitely major changes internally that make selected repairs much easier.

The smartphone can be opened in a similar way to most non-foldable devices – the back and the secondary display are held in the housing with adhesive and clips, after the adhesive has been heated, the two components can be removed from the housing using a suction cup. Replacing the second display is therefore a comparatively trivial repair. The dual camera can be swapped out after the mainboard has been lifted out of the case. Too bad: the 10 MP selfie camera is glued as usual, making it unnecessarily difficult to remove without damaging the camera or the cable.

A major improvement over the direct predecessor, the batteries now feature tabs that make it easier to remove from the case rather than just being held in place with lots of glue. Since Samsung has installed a battery in the upper and lower half of the device, as usual, replacing the battery is still more time-consuming than with a smartphone without a foldable display. According to PBKreviews, the new hinge design also makes replacing the foldable display a little easier, although there’s still a risk of damaging the panel when removing it, since it’s glued into the case, while a replacement panel needs to be precisely glued back in place to ensure this can be folded correctly.

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