Samsung copies Apple and displays the address bar at the bottom of its web browser

The latest update of Samsung Internet Browser, the web browser installed by default on all smartphones from the Korean manufacturer, brings several new features, including one that is reminiscent of a function offered for a few months by the competition.

Samsung’s mobile web browser includes, in version, an option to display the address bar at the bottom of the window. A novelty which is reminiscent of the choice made by Apple in iOS 15 with Safari. For the rest of the new features brought by this update, the browser now prioritizes secure HTTPS connections, blocks the Pixel tracking and improves the suggestions displayed in the address bar.

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To change the position of the address bar in the browser (the option is already active in the beta version of the browser), go to the Settings of it, then enter Disposition and menu where you will find the option.

If Samsung has copied Apple by offering its browser the ability to display its address bar at the bottom of the screen, the Cupertino company does not have the scoop of this feature, already existing on the incomparable Windows Phone whose support ended on December 10, 2019.

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